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About Us

Inspiring healthy spaces

connecting you to sustainable design

The spaces we inhabit define our quality of life. That's why at Segura®, we are driven by the purpose of helping you change the world around you, to live in a better place.


We're here to guide and inspire you, whether you're planning to build, renovate, or have a DIY project in mind. We have everything you need to bring your projects to life, but most importantly, we do it in an environmentally-responsible way.


We are a Colombian company with a carefully selected range of products and solutions designed to minimize their ecological impact, giving you the peace of mind that every choice you make with us contributes to the well-being of the planet.


The Green Choice

Sustainable living starts at home

Discover econstruction, our thoughtfully curated collection of eco-friendly materials, designed to create healthier living spaces. Embrace a greener lifestyle with our wide range of sustainable solutions.



Unleash your Inner Maker

Tap into your creative potential and empower your inner maker with our DIY resources, guides and materials to transform your home.


Tool Rental

Join the Circular Movement

Bring your ideas to life effortlessly while prioritizing sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Rent the tools you need and embark on a journey of creativity and conscious living.



Safeguarding your Space

We know that safety is important to you. Discover our solutions to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Building a sustainable future, together

Discover how at Segura®, we integrate sustainability into everything we do. Join us on this journey towards a future where construction is synonymous with sustainability, as we strive to create a greener and more sustainable world together.


Contact Us

Let's make your projects come true

We are here to help you. Contact us and let's create extraordinary projects together.

Come on over:

Carrera 19 Nº 39 - 22

111311, Bogota, Colombia. 

Give us a call:

+57 311 253 7660 

60 1 466 8643

Write us an email:

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