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Everything your Business Needs, Under One Roof


No matter your industry, we're here to simplify your day-to-day and make your purchasing processes more efficient.

Get what you need,

when you need it

Explorte a vast catalog of materials and products, readily available in stock or easily accessible upon request. Always find what you need without the hassle of long waits or complications.


Boost productivity and streamline your company's purchasing management. From construction materials to specialized tools, we provide your business with quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of solutions – all from one trusted supplier.


Simplify your accounting process with our electronic invoicing option. Receive and manage your invoices quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Logistics

Choose how and when you want your orders. Whether it's next-day delivery, scheduling for your preferred time, or the ease of in-store pickup – we've got you covered.

Choose how you want to pay

From seamless bank transfers to credit and debit cards, and your preferred digital wallet. We bring unmatched flexibility to meet your business needs.




your Productivity

Rent by day, week, or month. Tailor your tool lineup to fit each project's unique needs, all while reducing your environmental impact and resource use through our tools' circular lifecycle. Build a sustainable value chain right within your company.




your Business

We get it, security is paramount for your business. From key duplicates to lock changes and upgrades, find locksmith services that empower you to create a secure working environment.



spaces, together

Drive positive change in your organization's sustainability goals. As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we make it easy for you to transition to responsible procurement practices, centering on environmentally friendly products and materials.



Step into a green and healthy world with econstruction, our portfolio to embrace sustainable living. 

Green Impact

Join the global sustainability training program designed for small and medium-sized businesses to empower and guide your business towards a green future.


Contact Us

Let's make your projects come true

We are here to help you. Contact us and let's create extraordinary projects together.

Come on over:

Carrera 19 Nº 39 - 22

111311, Bogota, Colombia. 

Give us a call:

+57 311 253 7660 

60 1 466 8643

Write us an email:

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